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Industrial Cleaning

24 Hour Emergency Service

MIS Corporation services industrial, commercial and educational facilities with highly trained employees to ensure EFFICIENCY, QUALITY and SAFETY for our customers and our employees. Our customer base includes: General Motors, Nexteer, Consumers Energy, Pfizer Kalamazoo and U of M Ann Arbor. We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs.

Tank Pit & Trench Cleaning


  • Industrial tank, built up sludge removal
  • Confined space equipment and expert rescue team for tank inspection
  • Caustic tank cleaning, including removal of caustic material using industrial vacuum trucks and power washing equipment
  • Sampling of tank content for lab analysis
  • Obtain disposal cost quotes for for tank content
  • Tank cleaning with hot water pressure washer. All wash/rinse water captured with our industrial vacuum truck
  • Removal of sand/silica dust or desiccate from tanks


  • Trench Cleaning
  • Power wash trenches and sump pits
  • Manually shovel debris from trench followed by power-washing
  • Vacuum liquids from trenches

Machinery & Equipment Cleaning Service

MIS Corporation is experienced to meet our customers toughest machine, equipment cleaning and decommissioning needs. Our trained staff will coordinate with you in a single machine cleaning service or as an on going maintenance schedule.  We are continually enhancing our methods with more efficient products and tools to minimize machine down time.


  • Ultra high pressure liquid blast
  • Sewer and drain line cleaning and unclogging
  • Industrial cleaning and commissioning
  • C02 dry ice blasting
  • Cleaning of structural steel and components
  • Beams and decks

Vac Truck Service & Confined Space

Exhaust cleaner attachments allow our trucks to be safely utilized inside plants and enclosed areas.


  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Tank cleaning
  • Industrial, commercial and educational facility flooded storm drains
  • Oily waste removal
  • Industrial machine by-product removal
  • Storm basin vac with camera inspection


  • Fully trained confined space supervisors, attendants and entrants
  • Lock-out & tag-out
  • Fall protection and retrieval system
  • General hazard elimination
  • Standby rescue teams
  • Air monitoring and gas detection equipment
  • Mobile supplied air systems

Pipe, Duct, Line & Sewer Service


  • Pipe and duct Inspection
  • Pipe moling, sewer and drain jetting
  • Capture pipe  videos & images
  • Video lines to inspect for breaks and obstructions
  • Jetting plugged sewer lines with high pressure water blaster
  • Use of 10-20-40K high-pressure liquid blaster, 20,000psi for plugged lines
  • Vacuum and jet out storm sewer lines
  •  Jet out and clean industrial sump areas; pits with mobile cart mounted equipment  pits