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Micro Cleaning

24 Hour Emergency Service

MIS Corporation also provides Micro Cleaning services to Industrial, Commercial and Educational facilities as well with highly trained employees to ensure EFFICIENCY, QUALITY and SAFETY for our clients our employees.

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs.

Standard Micro Cleaning

MIS Corporation offers general Micro Cleaning services for your facility or venue. Our staff will be able to accommodate your needs as they are properly trained and equipped for daily routine cleanup, in addition to offering services for hazardous spills cleanup efforts. All services are provided internally to ensure timely, efficient and professional completion.

Infectious Disease Micro Cleaning

MIS Corporation has experience with bio-hazardous infectious disease cleanup projects. MIS not only has professionally trained staff, but also has the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and ability to respond to your needs very readily with a 24 hour emergency contact number.